SecuHome User Privacy Policy


The SecuHome APP is a free P2P camera supporting software. SecuHome put forward a higher level standard for the information security of its own smart products and guarantees the company's products (or services), fully respect the user's personal privacy.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following:

1. How SecuHome collect and use your personal information

2. How do SecuHome store your personal information

3. How do SecuHome share, transfer, publicly disclose your personal information

4. How SecuHome protect your personal information

5. Your right to manage personal information

6. Protection of Minors' Personal Information

7. Scope of the privacy policy

8. Changes and revisions to the Privacy Policy

9. How to contact us

10. About disclaimer

SecuHome hope to explain to you through this privacy policy how SecuHome collect, use, store, share and transfer your personal information and how SecuHome provide you with access, update, deletion and protection of information when using the SecuHome APP account.

Please be sure to read and thoroughly understand this Privacy Policy before using your SecuHome account, especially in bold/bold underlined terms. You should focus on reading and use our products or services after you have fully understood and agreed. You are not authorized to log in or use any or all of SecuHome unless you agree and accept all the terms of this policy. By using SecuHome (including any use, in whole or in part, downloading, installing, registering, opening, logging in, browsing, purchasing, customizing, using, etc.), you understand and agree to this Policy and agree to our use. The Privacy Policy collects, uses, stores and shares your relevant information. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the content of this policy, you can contact us through the various contact methods provided in this Privacy Policy.

1. How SecuHome collect and use your personal information

SecuHome collect and use your personal information for the following purposes described in this Privacy Policy:

1.1 Realize the basic functions of SecuHome APP personal account

 1) Information collected through registered accounts.

  a. When you add a SecuHome account, download and update SecuHome software, participate in an online survey, or participate in other interactions with us, SecuHome will ask you to provide information, including but not limited to your name, telephone number, email address, location Management area address and email address. This information is collected to help you complete the SecuHome APP personal account registration and protect your account security. If you refuse to provide this information, you may not be able to successfully register your SecuHome APP personal account.

  b. When you purchase SecuHome products and services, SecuHome will collect relevant information, including but not limited to: delivery details, bank account number, credit card part information, billing address, credit risk check and other financial information, contact and exchange records. etc. The information SecuHome collect may be used to provide you with SecuHome products and services, process your orders or fulfill your contract with SecuHome to ensure the functionality and safety of our products and services, verify your identity, prevent and investigate Fraud or other improper use.

 2) Indirectly collected information.

  a. When you use the SecuHome products to share your content, send information and products with family and friends, SecuHome will collect information you provide about the above persons, such as name, email address, email address and telephone number.

  b. In order to facilitate you to login to the SecuHome APP account, SecuHome may need to obtain and collect your third-party account information from third parties, such as nicknames and avatars. If personal information processing activities required by SecuHome to carry out business exceeds the scope of your authorization to third parties, SecuHome will seek your express consent before processing your personal information. SecuHome will also strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and require third parties to protect the legality of the information they provide.

 3) Account security

 In order to ensure the security of your SecuHome account, SecuHome will record the date, time, IP, city and other information you have registered, and used in your SecuHome APP account for account security testing. At the same time, you can also further strengthen your account security by binding phone numbers, login emails etc.

1.2 Location-based features

 1) When you use and launch the SecuHome smart camera application for the first time, the unique identifier of the mobile device paired with the smart camera and approximate geographic location information will be sent to the server.

 2) When you login to the SecuHome account or activate the SecuHomeb newsletter function, your mobile user identification information, mobile device unique identifier, your phone number and approximate geographic location information will be sent to the server.

The above information collection will be used to perform account security detection based on your location, and at the same time recommend to you the software features or content that may be of interest to you. SecuHome will not use the above information for other purposes beyond the above functions. Denying location information may make it impossible for you to use location-based program services or features.

Your smart camera's hardware identifier and geographical location information can be used to initiate your warranty service and specific software licenses, and may invite you to participate in the market. SecuHome also use this information to improve our products and analyze the efficiency of our business operations. HoSecuHomever, SecuHome will not use this information to track your position.

You can also choose whether or not to provide information, and then modify the device's positioning settings from device settings, such as changing or disabling the positioning method or positioning server, or modifying the accuracy of your location information to change the location information provided to SecuHome.

1.3 Information collected by cookies and other technologies

When you register or log in to a SecuHome APP account through a SecuHomebsite type product, SecuHome will use cookies technology and other technologies such as program language tags and SecuHomeb page headers to collect and store your information in the SecuHomebsite, in the hope of simplifying the process of repeated login. Help us remember your device and preferences for using the service and analyze your use of our app to help you get a more relaxed access experience.

Of course, you can also modify your browser's settings to refuse or accept cookies. depending on your needs. You can also delete cookies from your storage device at any time, or notify you when cookies are written.

1.4 Improve our products and services

 1) User experience improvement.

  a. When you register via the wireless terminal or login to the SecuHome APP account, SecuHome may collect the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and Network Device Address (MAC) encrypted by the MD5 algorithm, the advertising identifier IDFA. the device model, and the system, version number, operating system version number, system number, system ID number, screen resolution, Internet type, version number of this product, click usage time and frequency of a button, option values of certain key configurations, software crash logs. etc. It is used to count the number of users of our products, analyze the usage of the products, troubleshoot the causes of crashes, and reduce crashes, in order to continuously improve our products. This information does not involve private information such as your personal identity.

  b. When you register through the SecuHome-provided PC products or log in to the SecuHome APP account, SecuHome may collect your IP address, the click usage time and frequency of a button, the time and frequency of use of a page, and some key configurations, options values, crash logs, error logs. etc. Used to count the number of users of our products, analyze product usage, page upgrades, browser compatibility checks, troubleshoot crashes, and reduce crashes to continuously improve our products. This information does not involve private information such as your personal identity.

 2) Solve your feedback.

 You can use this product's Help and Feedback section to give us feedback on your problems with using the SecuHome App. You need to submit your mobile number, email address or other third party login account information to us so that SecuHome can contact you and ansSecuHomer your questions. SecuHome will analyze the information mentioned in the previous paragraph to find out the cause of the problem and work hard to solve the problem. The contact information provided by you in the feedback will only be used by our customer service to communicate and feedback with you. SecuHome will not provide any third party with the contact information provided by you unless SecuHome have obtained explicit consent from the user and the law clearly stipulates.

1.5 Security

To improve the security of your use of services provided by us and our affiliates and partners, and to protect your or other users or the public from personal and property safety, to better prevent phishing SecuHomebsites, fraud, network vulnerabilities, computer viruses, hacker attacks, network intrusion and other security risks, to more accurately identify violations of laws and regulations or the relevant rules of SecuHome protocols. SecuHome may use or integrate your account information, device information, software usage information, and information that our affiliates, partners have obtained from you, or are shared by law. For identity verification, detection, and prevention of security incidents, and to take necessary legal actions Record, audit, analyze, and dispose of measures.

1.6 Other uses

In compliance with laws and regulations, SecuHome may personalize, aggregate, desensitize and encrypt your personal information to form statistical information or user portraits (but portraits cannot identify any individual users) for you to display and push related services, products, or features. If SecuHome use information for other purposes not covered by this policy, or use information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, SecuHome will ask for your consent in advance.

1.7 Exceptions to obtaining authorization

According to the relevant laws and regulations, the collection of your personal information in the following cases does not require your authorization to consent:

 1) Related to national security and national defense security;

 2) Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

 3) Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;

 4) It is difficult to obtain your own consent for the protection of material legal rights such as the lives and property of the personal information subject or other individuals;

 5) The collected personal information is your own disclosure to the public;

 6) Collect personal information from legally disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports. government information disclosure. etc.;

 7) It is necessary to sign the contract according to your requirements;

 8) What is necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as the failure to discover or dispose of products or services;

 9) Required for legal news reporting;

 10) Academic research institutions are required to conduct statistical or academic research based on public interest, and when external academic research or description results are provided, the personal information contained in the results is de-identified;

 11) Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

2. How do SecuHome store your personal information

Personal information SecuHome collect and generate in the local country will be stored locally.

In order to handle cross-border business, if it is really necessary to transfer relevant personal information collected in the territory to overseas institutions, SecuHome will implement it in accordance with laws administrative regulations, and regulations of relevant regulatory authorities. SecuHome will ensure that your personal information is adequately protected, such as anonymization, encrypted storage etc.

SecuHome store your personal information only during the period necessary for the purpose of this policy and within the time limit required by laws and regulations.

If SecuHome cease to operate the SecuHome APP products or services, SecuHome will cease the collection of your personal information in a timely manner. SecuHome will notify you of the discontinued service by sending or notifying you one by one, and delete or store personal information stored by us.

3. How do SecuHome share, transfer, publicly disclose your personal information

3.1 Sharing

SecuHome do not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual except in the following cases:

 1) With your explicit consent, SecuHome will share your personal information with other parties.

 2) SecuHome may share your personal information externally in accordance with laws and regulations, lawsuit dispute resolution needs, or according to the requirements of the administrative and judicial authorities according to law.

 3) To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to share your personal information in order to protect the interests, property, or safety of the company, you or other SecuHome APP users or the public. information.

 4) SecuHome may share your personal information with our affiliates in the event that our affiliation leads you to or provides services to us. HoSecuHomever, SecuHome only share the necessary personal information, and the processing of your information by related parties is subject to this Privacy Policy. If an affiliate wants to change the purpose of processing your personal information, it will seek your authorization and consent again.

 5) SecuHome will not share your personal information with third-party advertisers, application developers, open platforms or other partners unless SecuHome have your explicit authorization and consent. SecuHome may provide these partners with aggregated information, anonymized information, or other information that does not identify you personally. For example, SecuHome may tell the application developer how many people have installed the applications they have developed.

 6) SecuHome may share your personal information with our suppliers, service providers, consultants or agents for the purpose of this statement as stated in this Privacy Policy to provide better customer service and user experience. These suppliers, service providers, consultants, agents may provide us with technical infrastructure services, analyze the use of our services, measure the effectiveness of advertising and services. Providing customer service and payment services, conduct academic research and investigations, or provide legal, financial and technical advisory services. For example, SecuHome may occasionally invite registered users to participate in sSecuHomeepstakes. If you are lucky to win, SecuHome need to provide your personal information to the logistics service provider in order to send you our prize.

For companies, organizations, and individuals with whom SecuHome share personal information, SecuHome will sign a strict data protection agreement with them and ask them to process personal information in accordance with our instructions, this privacy policy, and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

3.2 Transfer

SecuHome will not transfer your personal information to any other company, organization or individual except in the following circumstances:

 1) With the development of the company's business, SecuHome and our affiliates may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, or other similar transactions. If the relevant transaction involves the transfer of your personal information, SecuHome will require companies, organizations and individuals that hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this policy. Otherwise SecuHome will ask the company, organization and individual to re-acquire your consent.

 2) Transfer with your explicit consent. ie. with your explicit consent, SecuHome will transfer the personal information SecuHome have obtained to other parties.

 3) SecuHome will only publicly disclose your personal information in the following circumstances:

  a. You have obtained your explicit consent.

  b. SecuHome may disclose your personal information publicly in the case of legal, legal process, lawsuit or mandatory requirements of government authorities.

  c. Other situations prescribed by laws and regulations.

4. How SecuHome protect your personal information

SecuHome endeavor to provide protection for users of SecuHome so that the information SecuHome keep will not be vieSecuHomed, accessed, tampered with, disclosed or destroyed without authorization. SecuHome have specifically taken the following measures:

4.1 SecuHome use SSL to encrypt many services.

4.2 SecuHome will review practices in the collection, storage, and processing of information (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized access, access, and malicious attacks on various systems.

4.3 SecuHome deploy an access control mechanism on the server side to take the principle of least-enough authorization for staff who may come into contact with your personal information, and regularly check the list of visitors and visit records.

4.4 The server systems where SecuHome store user personal information are security-strengthened operating systems. SecuHome will perform account auditing and monitoring of server operations. If a server operating system is found to have external issues with security issues. the company will perform server security upgrades at the first time to ensure that all SecuHome server systems and applications are secure.

4.5 SecuHome regularly organize training on personal information protection related laws and regulations for our staff in order to strengthen the personal privacy protection awareness of the staff.

4.6 If unfortunately, our physical, technical, or management protective measures are destroyed, SecuHome will promptly launch emergency plans to prevent the expansion of security incidents, report to the competent national authorities in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and promptly adopt push, announcement. etc. An effective way to inform you of the basic conditions of the security incident, possible impacts, measures taken or measures to be taken.

5. Your right to manage personal information

During your use of the SecuHome App. you can access and manage your personal information in the following ways:

5.1 Access and correct your personal information

You can query and correct your SecuHome APP information and other information you provide through the SecuHome APP account, including password, gender, age, birthday, hobbies and other information.

5.2 Delete your personal information

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information when the following happens:

 1) SecuHome have collected your personal information without your explicit consent.

 2) SecuHome handle your personal information in violation of legal and regulatory requirements.

 3) SecuHome violated your agreement to use and process your personal information.

 4) You have canceled the SecuHome APP account, uninstalled or no longer use our products (or services).

 5) SecuHome stop providing services to you.

You may contact us by requesting the deletion of your personal information in the manner provided in section 9 of this Privacy Policy. SecuHome will respond within 15 working days. When SecuHome delete your personal information from the server, SecuHome may not immediately delete the corresponding data from the backup system, but will delete the information when the backup is updated.

5.3 Write-off your personal account

You can cancel your account at any time in the SecuHome App. Please note that if you choose to cancel the SecuHome APP account, your SecuHome APP account will not be used and related account information will be deleted and related services will be stopped.

When you cancel your account, SecuHome will stop providing you with the appropriate product (or service), and delete or anonymize your personal information within 10 working days, unless the laws and regulations require us to save the relevant information.

5.4 Withdrawal of your consent or authorization

You can withdraw your consent to the collection and use of your personal information by turning off the device feature. For this product, you can turn off the ability to collect your GPS location information through the phone's settings feature.

Please understand that each business function requires some basic personal information to be completed (see section 1 of this Privacy Policy). After you withdraw your consent or authorization, SecuHome cannot continue to provide you with the services corresponding to the withdrawal of consent or authorization. The corresponding personal information will no longer be processed. HoSecuHomever, your decision to withdraw consent will not affect the processing of personal information previously based on your authorization.

6. Protection of Minors' Personal Information

SecuHome assume that you have the appropriate civil capacity in the process of using any or all of SecuHome. If you are a minor, SecuHome ask that you ask your parent or guardian to read this Privacy Policy carefully and use our services or provide us with the consent and authorization of your parent or guardian. If you are a guardian of a minor, you may contact us through the contact details in Section 9 of this Privacy Policy when you have questions about the personal information of the minor you are monitoring.

SecuHome will not collect its personal information without knowing that the other person is a minor, and will not disclose its personal information to any third party. The legal representative has the right to refuse information about the further collection of minors by the company and its affiliates, or ask the company to delete this minor information. If SecuHome find that SecuHome have collected adult information without the consent of its legal representative, SecuHome will take steps to delete this information as soon as possible.

7. Scope of the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to SecuHome APP products and services and does not apply to the following conditions:

7.1 Embed SecuHome APP products (or services) into information collected by third party products (or services) and third party products (or services).

7.2 Information collected by third-party services. Advertisements, or other companies, organizations, or individuals that are accessed in SecuHome APP products (or services).

8. Changes and revisions to the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change. SecuHome will not restrict your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent.

For significant changes to this privacy policy, SecuHome will also provide noticeable notice (For example, to notify you in a timely manner when the software is revised or upgraded, or when you login again).

Major changes to this policy include, but are not limited to:

8.1 There have been major changes in our service model. For example, the purpose of processing personal information, the types of personal information handled, the use of personal information. etc.;

8.2 SecuHome have made major changes in control and other aspects. Changes in ownership, such as mergers and acquisitions. etc.;

8.3 Changes in the main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure;

8.4 There has been a major change in your rights to participate in the processing of personal information and in the way it is used;

8.5 When SecuHome are responsible for handling personal information security, the responsible department, contact information, and complaints channels change;

8.6 The personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.

9. How to contact us

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy and handling of your personal information. Please feel free to contact us by In general, SecuHome will respond to your request within 15 business days.

If you are dissatisfied with our response, especially if you believe that our personal information handling actions have damaged your legal rights, you can also seek a solution by filing a lawsuit in court, and you agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the court where SecuHome is located.

10. About disclaimer

SecuHome do not assume any legal responsibility for the occurrence of the following related matters:

1. The personal account information is disclosed to others or shared with others for your personal reasons, resulting in the disclosure of your personal information.

2. Any temporary software shutdown due to hacking, computer virus intrusion or government regulation.

3. Any consequences due to force majeure.

4. Your personal information published in advance with your express authorization.

5. Provide and publish your personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, relevant government authorities or relevant stock exchanges.

6. Provide and publish your personal information for the benefit of the public.

7. Provide and publish your personal information to protect our legal rights.

8. Other disclosures of your personal information that are not caused by us.